Friday, November 28, 2008

A couple of K videos

One of my favourite sounds in the world is Kiernan's belly laugh. I've found that I can get him really going by fake belly laughing to him which turns into a real laugh as he really gets going. Kiernan now has a fake belly laugh/cackle that my mother in law believes is my fault. Who knows, but it CRACKS ME UP - almost as much as his real belly laugh. (please ignore the fact that it's really hard to video him because he always wants to see what we've taken)

We also got a cute video of him eating a chocolate cookie. (Please pretend his Dora addiction is not what it appears to be in this video ;)

Say what?

I swear, these twins are leeching my brain power out of me. Every day, I feel a little bit dumber than I did the day before. I can't remember things 5 minutes after I think them. For example:

- This morning I really had a craving for Tim Horton's peach drink. Remember it used to be in the those fountain drink things? Well they sell it in cans and bottles now and I get cravings for really sweet juice so off I went to Timmy's before opening the store. I got a coffee, a yogurt and a bagel. I forgot the juice. Seriously?!

- I had a headache the other day. Eric asks if I took tylenol. "yes" "no" "sigh... I don't remember" He's all "what do you mean you don't remember?". I mean I know I thought about taking some, but did I actually do it, the best I can tell you here is "maybe". Same with my other meds... I can tell you I remembered I should take them some day, but then spend a lot of time trying to decide if I actually did. I'm going to need to get one of those pill dispensers to prove whether or not I'm taking my medicine :P

- I was out for breakfast with K and Eric on the weekend when I suddenly panicked. "I forgot to tell her how I want my eggs". Eric is all "really? are you sure. She probably would have asked." "no, i didn't tell her." and I wave her down frantically. She comes over and looks at me curiously, opens her book and says "over easy?" GAH! These things disappear from my brain!!

I'm I doomed to just get dumber and dumber over the next 5-6 months???

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The thrill of twins

I know and feel that this an amazingly fabulous thing that has happened to us. Twins! That's frickin' special man! And I'm excited for that. But the next year - it's going to be hard.

These are the things rushing through my head:

- I am more afraid of carrying these babies than of having them. My body didn't deal that well with one (although birth was good) and I'm afraid of my body not holding up well through this.
- There's a lot of pressure involved in eating well (especially when I feel gross a lot of the time) for TWO growing babies. The pressure makes me nervous.
- Even in the bigger of our two vehicles, two babies, a kiernan, and a stroller big enough for all three of them will not fit.
- Overall, the jump from having 2 kids to 3 kids had a fair impact on things since we have a 3 bedroom house, we don't have a van and as it was, I was hoping we wouldn't have to be in the house we're in for long with just TWO kids. We're going to be crammed in like sardines.
- I need to expect not to be able to work after my second trimester if necessary - talk about a difference in planning financially for the girl who just quit her full-time permanent job!

So again, don't get me wrong. I'm happy. But there's a whole lot of nervous and scared mixed in there. ;)

Oh, and also. Still doesn't REALLY feel real ;)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I wonder..

... will twins make me have an even odder shaped preggo belly than last time, or fill it out better making it rounder?

These are the thoughts going through my head people. eesh ;)

The not so unexpected I suppose

When I was 19 I had a dream that one of my friends from highschool was pregnant. It was such a vivid and real dream that for (I believe) the only time in my life I picked up the phone and called a person in my dream to find out if I possible dreamt the truth. She sounded surprised, informed me no, and that was that.
2 days later she called me back and was all "ummm... you kind of got me realizing I was late so we went and bought a test and I *am* pregnant". Right. then I fell off my chair because obviously I was psychic ;)
And that was the end of my career as a psychic. Um, except you know how the other day I was telling you about my twin prediction?
Introducing babies A & B:

The freaking out has been minimal so far - i'm assuming due to the fact that I'm waiting for the time when, any minute now, someone says "JUST KIDDING!"
But Eric assures me that the technician did in fact tell us we were having twins, and yes, we did actually see a shot with both of them in it and no I didn't make all of this up.
The tech said they're both right on track with one at 2.25 inches from crown to rump and the other at 2.5. And... OH MY GOD WE'RE HAVING TWINS!

Monday, November 17, 2008


This week I can really feel for those little guys with colic. Every night, around 5 or so, regardless of what I eat, don't eat, take my medicine, don't take my medicine, etc, I start to feel HORRID. It lasts a couple of hours and I walk around moaning and groaning and feeling like ass. It doesn't help that it happens every night during the two hours I get to spend with my son every day. I resent it. But alas, such is my lot in pregnancy I guess ;)
At a mere 12 weeks I'm already feeling ligament pain, getting nightly heartburn that tums won't clear up and am nowhere near being at the end of my nausea. Have I mentioned that for the last 2 years I've joked that our next baby would either be a boy (following in the Wellman curse tradition) or twin girls. Our ultrasound is on Wednesday so at least we'll be able to rule out the twin thing soon (I hope! ;)

Friday, November 14, 2008

There's a camel WHERE?

I/we like to bring up the new baby a fair amount to Kiernan and I often ask him where the baby is. This evening's conversation went something like this while lying on our bed:
"Kiernan, where's the baby?"
"In mommy's tummy"
"Want to say hi to the baby?"
"Ya. Hi baby. How are you? I'm fine" and Eric came in and lay down on the bed with us and Kiernan says
"where's the camel?"
Eric and I look at each other, look at Kiernan and we say "we don't know. where's the camel kiernan?"
"in daddy's tummy!"
Ha! A camel in daddy's tummy. This stuff kills me :)