Friday, October 24, 2008

Danger Danger!

Today I finally got my lethargic pregnant ass off the couch to do something productive while I was home and started cleaning the bathroom. I got out all my supplies and began spritzing the tiles in the tub with the vinegar and water solution we were told we should use on our new and fancy tub.

So there I am, spritzing away, when suddenly the bottle comes from the nozzle and slams down into the tub and the vinegar and water come catapulting up out the top of the bottle and hit me right in the face. Right past my glasses and into my eyes! And I lost it!

My glasses flew one way, the rubber gloves I was wearing another as I rushed to the sink thinking "but I have to work, I don't have time to go to the hospital, oh what I wouldn't do for one of those eye washing thingies I remember in the labs in high school chemistry or shop class" and I splashed water into my eye as I tried to keep it open, knowing that that was what the thingy in the lab was supposed to do.

And that's when I realized... my eye didn't really hurt. So I stopped the water thing, dried my face, and realized I was... uh. fine.

I am sure though, that had I been using lysol, all the bad things that went through my head would have been warranted. Another reason to use less chemicals while cleaning! ;)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Going for a ride

Given Kiernan's love of buses and trains Eric came up with a great activity for us this weekend. We took the bus to the train, took the train its 12 minute route, came back and bused back to the car. Kiernan, backpack on the whole time, loved it and loudly insisted that mommy and daddy also say chugga chugga too too.

I dunno

When Kiernan had his two year appointment with the doctor last week she said "well it doesn't look like language is an issue", to which I chuckled and said no, and she said "and he probably gets at least one new word a week?" and I said "I would think at least that" but I realize I have no real concept because Kiernan talks so much that unless he says something unusual I'm not surprised he knows how to say it.

I have two current favourites of what he is saying. I already mentioned that he started saying things are his favourites in my last post, but now he's trying to really use the word in more complex ways. Last night at dinner he asked Eric and I very seriously "mommy. daddy. mommy daddy. who is my favourite?" Eric and I looked at each other thinking "uh oh. who does he love more?" and he proudly pounding his chest and announced "KIERNAN!" Super cute.

His other new thing is "I dunno" to most questions we ask him. He doesn't wait and think about whether or not he knows, he just says he doesn't know and then answers. So cute! I even got a video of it. He starts off a bit distracted but stay the course :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

June baby :)

You'd think that after my post all about "talking about it" I would be the kind of person who would share all my big news immediately. And yet, I'm a little more superstitious than I let on, and have a bit of a fear that if I share good news I'm just ASKING for bad things to happen.

So despite having found out over three weeks ago that I'm pregnant again (yay!) I haven't been ready to blog about it. But now - now that the nausea, the fatigue and moodiness have already begun to take over my entire existence - I'm ready to share that I'm 7.5 weeks pregnant (we think. harder to know because I didn't have a normal cycle the month before). So I can complain. ;)

Are you excited? That's right, amongst the cute stories of Kiernan you will now be overwhelmed (promises promises that suddenly I'll be reinpired to blog eh? :) with whining about how I'm going to gain 90 lbs because instead of craving vietnamese like last time, my cravings are for the much healthier poutine. Or how last night, for the second time this week, I fell asleep before Kiernan and slept for the night - who needs to do anything other than work and sleep?

Wish me luck. I'm feeling fairly positive that this pregnancy is here to stay, although I know it's still early and we never know. And despite this promise of whining, I actually think that I may be doing a bit better than I was at this stage with Kiernan. And you only need to listen to 33ish more weeks of this. Unless of course this baby decides to be late too :)

I'll leave you with a few of Kiernan's new favourite lines to keep things cute and fun :
" oh! That's my FAVOURITE!"
" I want to eat trick or trick mommy. I want to eat trick or treat"
"I do not like that song! I do not like that tv!"
"Again Dora as a kitty. Again Dora as a kitty" (because the ONLY thing Kiernan wants to watch on tv anymore EVER is the Halloween episode of Dora.)

And apparently Eric plans to blog his side of things too - so that promises to be far funnier than any of what I have to say :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sleeping babies are cute!

And Jenn from Life of the Roof's son Griffin is a finalist in the 5 minutes for Mom contest to win a bedroom set. Go on over and vote for #7 and help her win!!

Go! Now! Help others! It's a nice thing to do :)

Thursday, October 09, 2008

No doubt about it

Fall is WAYYYY here.

Ma spider

A few weeks ago Miss Spider (or as Kiernan insists she's called, Ma Spider) came to Place d'Orleans. Kiernan was excited to see her, but was a bit nervous as the actual meeting. Daddy went with him which made it all a little more ok :)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Cloth diapers

I'm still not in the mood to blog lately... it's just not coming to me. But my fan has been complaining so I thought I'd tell you about a decision I made recently.

I've decided to attempt to switch Kiernan to cloth diapers.

Why this late in the game? A couple of reasons. One of the big ones is I've heard it's easier to toilet train a child in cloth diapers and Kiernan just seems to me like the type of kid to just decide to be toilet trained if given the right incentive (ie not feeling wet and icky). We'll see if I'm right. The other reasons are that we're selling them at the store now, and I'm all for personally trying and understanding the product so I can sell it better, and of course, the whole "it's better for the environment" thing ;)

So far we've gone through a few nights without any major mishaps. The biggest challenge will of course be the poo, but I have a feeling we'll overcome :) So wish us luck because I think this should be interesting.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Buses going to mommy's house

Kiernan loves buses. School buses. City buses. Short buses - whatever.

So every morning on the 10 minute drive to daycare we point out all the buses. "OH! ANOTHER SCHOOL BUS!" "OH, ANOTHER CITY BUS, EH MOMMY?"

This morning it expanded. Every bus that we saw that was going the opposite direction than we were going in was "SCHOOL BUS GOING TO MOMMY'S HOUSE. Eh mommy?" "OH! ANOTHER SCHOOL BUS GOING TO MOMMY'S HOUSE!"

I thought it was genius that he was making the connection about going towards our house or away from our house. Genius right? I knew it :)