Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I dunno

When Kiernan had his two year appointment with the doctor last week she said "well it doesn't look like language is an issue", to which I chuckled and said no, and she said "and he probably gets at least one new word a week?" and I said "I would think at least that" but I realize I have no real concept because Kiernan talks so much that unless he says something unusual I'm not surprised he knows how to say it.

I have two current favourites of what he is saying. I already mentioned that he started saying things are his favourites in my last post, but now he's trying to really use the word in more complex ways. Last night at dinner he asked Eric and I very seriously "mommy. daddy. mommy daddy. who is my favourite?" Eric and I looked at each other thinking "uh oh. who does he love more?" and he proudly pounding his chest and announced "KIERNAN!" Super cute.

His other new thing is "I dunno" to most questions we ask him. He doesn't wait and think about whether or not he knows, he just says he doesn't know and then answers. So cute! I even got a video of it. He starts off a bit distracted but stay the course :)


Some kind of Wondermom said...

Good answer Kiernan!!

Lida said...

What I love is the hands flung up as he says "I dunno"

crazy working mom said...

So cute! I ♥ this one. :)