Thursday, October 02, 2008

Buses going to mommy's house

Kiernan loves buses. School buses. City buses. Short buses - whatever.

So every morning on the 10 minute drive to daycare we point out all the buses. "OH! ANOTHER SCHOOL BUS!" "OH, ANOTHER CITY BUS, EH MOMMY?"

This morning it expanded. Every bus that we saw that was going the opposite direction than we were going in was "SCHOOL BUS GOING TO MOMMY'S HOUSE. Eh mommy?" "OH! ANOTHER SCHOOL BUS GOING TO MOMMY'S HOUSE!"

I thought it was genius that he was making the connection about going towards our house or away from our house. Genius right? I knew it :)


Jenn said...

I remember when Jacob was about 16 months, he would go crazy when I drove him to daycare when we were in Orleans. "Buh! Buh!" He loved buses. :) Or, if he saw a truck, it would be "Tuh! Tuh!

Anonymous said...

It's fun when they make a new mental connection and start verbalizing it. Enjoy it!