Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Cloth diapers

I'm still not in the mood to blog lately... it's just not coming to me. But my fan has been complaining so I thought I'd tell you about a decision I made recently.

I've decided to attempt to switch Kiernan to cloth diapers.

Why this late in the game? A couple of reasons. One of the big ones is I've heard it's easier to toilet train a child in cloth diapers and Kiernan just seems to me like the type of kid to just decide to be toilet trained if given the right incentive (ie not feeling wet and icky). We'll see if I'm right. The other reasons are that we're selling them at the store now, and I'm all for personally trying and understanding the product so I can sell it better, and of course, the whole "it's better for the environment" thing ;)

So far we've gone through a few nights without any major mishaps. The biggest challenge will of course be the poo, but I have a feeling we'll overcome :) So wish us luck because I think this should be interesting.


erin said...

I am wishing you luck, and also chuckling under my breath.

Jenn said...

Let me know how it goes! I stopped cloth diapering when G went to daycare, but wish I could go back to it, even just at night now, mostly because his bladder is massive, and he pees like an elephant! Seriously - I go through a pair of pj's per day, and I have tried EVERYTHING! Plus he's 35 lbs, and too big for most cloth diapers. I'll be interested to hear how it goes for you!