Friday, November 28, 2008

Say what?

I swear, these twins are leeching my brain power out of me. Every day, I feel a little bit dumber than I did the day before. I can't remember things 5 minutes after I think them. For example:

- This morning I really had a craving for Tim Horton's peach drink. Remember it used to be in the those fountain drink things? Well they sell it in cans and bottles now and I get cravings for really sweet juice so off I went to Timmy's before opening the store. I got a coffee, a yogurt and a bagel. I forgot the juice. Seriously?!

- I had a headache the other day. Eric asks if I took tylenol. "yes" "no" "sigh... I don't remember" He's all "what do you mean you don't remember?". I mean I know I thought about taking some, but did I actually do it, the best I can tell you here is "maybe". Same with my other meds... I can tell you I remembered I should take them some day, but then spend a lot of time trying to decide if I actually did. I'm going to need to get one of those pill dispensers to prove whether or not I'm taking my medicine :P

- I was out for breakfast with K and Eric on the weekend when I suddenly panicked. "I forgot to tell her how I want my eggs". Eric is all "really? are you sure. She probably would have asked." "no, i didn't tell her." and I wave her down frantically. She comes over and looks at me curiously, opens her book and says "over easy?" GAH! These things disappear from my brain!!

I'm I doomed to just get dumber and dumber over the next 5-6 months???


Katie Valentine said...

hah! This is my life. every. single. day.

How many times have I bought the correct size only to get home and realize I've bought stuff for the kids that will fit them either a year ago or two years from now, but not currently.

Where did my ability to type and spell go???

Lara said...

So what you're saying here is, it's not going to get better ;)

Lida said...

You can come and keep me company in the "home" Eric's going to put me into when I forget who you all are :)

Shannon said...

You are doomed. Three kids has fried my brain ;-)

I so remember the peach fountain drinks, my sis and I used to LOVE them. I had no idea they still even carried them!!! Thanks for the tip ;-)

Still hoping to make it out "east" to your store soon. The kindergarten schedule and a baby napping schedule are slowing down my ability to do anything lately . . .