Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I'm having a hard time being a good blogger so I'm just going to braindump all kinds of little tidbits instead ;)

- is becoming quite contrary. He's been so easygoing for so long that even a bit of contrary-ness suddenly seems like a lot and quite annoying. It's nothing really that bad other than he wants to do the opposite of whatever is being offered and never wants to get ready to do anything anymore. He's two, it'll pass. But some mornings have been a pain in the ass lately. Luckily I won't be in a rush to get him places as much starting Thursday since the store will be closed.

- has become the amazing sleeping boy. I'm not sure I should tell you too much about it because it almost seems unfair. But remember - we're about to have twins, we deserve to bank up some sleep ;) Eric and I had a discussion the other day about whether or not we would trade a year of almost never sleeping for years of good sleeping we'd do it again. We'll see what we get though.

- loves listening to the wiggles in the car. If we don't have the wiggles, hey mambo will also do.

- Is going to be moved into a big boy room soon. It's taking us longer than I had hoped to get organized but I'm hoping to order the furniture this weekend and hopefully have him set up in there by mid to late February. Our latest debate it whether or not to attempt to soundproof the shared wall in his room before moving him in. The neighbours CAN be quite loud and the sounds travels really well through that wall. The next question is, do we go with something a bit simpler (like putting up cork tiles or carpet tiles or something on the wall) or more complex (replacing the drywall with something a bit soundproof). It will certainly slow down the process but I worry that not only will he disturb the neighbours (which would make me feel bad) but that they will disturb him.

- I feel bad that I haven't been logging this pregnancy a little more closely. Especially since I've wished many times that I had a better log of my pregnancy with Kiernan to see if I felt more kicking/movement by now. I am very anxious for that stage when they both move lots every day so I can have a conscious awareness that they're both doing well regularly.

- I have a friend who is 34 weeks pregnant with twins and got admitted to the hospital yesterday because her blood pressure was high. This makes me nervous. Although she's doing really well and the twins are both over 6 lbs so it would really be fine for her to have them now. But she was off work at 20 weeks and has been resting and taking it easy and she's still in the hospital. This stuff is freaking me out people!

- I think I might be smaller with twins at 20 weeks than I was with Kiernan at 20 weeks. People are commenting on how small I am for twins at 20 weeks. This is a) very odd for a person who has spent most of their life feeling fat ;) and b) slightly disconcerting. Luckily we had an u/s just last week that showed all was on track. I wish I could have them weekly to check up on them. I'm paranoid like that.

- I'm looking for work - especially the kind I can do from home. Hook me up if you can. I'll be working on my CV this week to get it ready for proper distribution asap. :)

- I'm tired most of the time. Except at night when I should be sleeping. I'm not ready to start the crazy weird sleeplessness/tiredness of later pregnancy yet!

- The store closes tomorrow. How weird that this chapter has already ended. It was a great experience though and we've learned a ton. We'll continue being on line though so keep popping by.

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Jenn said...

Sorry to hear that you're closing the store...and before I had a chance to visit! I suppose with 3 new babies coming on the scene it would have been tough though! Glad it was a good experience for you.