Friday, May 08, 2009

I've never been a patient person

I've gotten to the stage of pregnancy that I may loathe the most... the waiting! I have finally gotten beyond that stage where I desperately wanted to remain pregnant and now I want to NOT be pregnant anymore.

And it's hard because:
- I feel guilty that I don't want them to stay in another week or two, because in my head I know that the longer they bake the better. But... I hate waiting plus it's becoming more and more uncomfortable
- Every contraction makes me wonder if "now is the time"?
- There were more contractions and signs of uncoming labour LAST week than there are now :P
- I have more energy - doesn't that seem like a sign that I'm about to have these babies?
- I feel so stretched that when they kick it hurts. But then I want them to kick so I know they're still ok in there.

And I'm just ready to meet them. 9 months is too long... why do my babies insist on staying in past my ability to stand it? Thank god i'm not an elephant.

Whine whine, moan moan, get out get out!

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