Thursday, October 08, 2009

Very twinny of them

In most ways, Juliette and Quinn are not all the typical things that I was told about twins. Like my favourite "they'll be calmer when they sleep together. Keep them in the same room, in fact, in the same bed". HA HA HA! Good one!

But in one way they've been similar, they seem to be hitting the milestones pretty much at the same time. Quinn smiled at 5 weeks, Juliette 2 days later. And this week Quinn rolled, and two days later? Juliette. Considering they seem so different, focus on different things, have completely different body types and control of their bodies - I did not expect it!

So now our new game is... rescuing babies who are stranded on their bellies. Sigh. How long until they learn to roll back? Do I prefer having to turn them back over or the potential of them becoming mobile rolling pins? Either is better than the teething that is starting :P


Some kind of Wondermom said...

I foresee Juliette following behind her big brother and copying what he does! ;)

They're sort of like turtles on their backs when they roll over and can't get back eh? hee hee.

nonlineargirl said...

We had that middle of the night wake up, roll onto the belly and then scream to be flipped problem with my older daughter. We tried wedging her between rolled up blankets, which worked a little but not completely.

I am thrilled that the babies have learned to roll belly to back BEFORE learning the back to belly roll. Of course I am sure they'll torture us some other way. Actually, Mira already wakes up, belly scootches to the corner of the crib and then screams because her head is wedged in the corner.