Friday, August 25, 2006

Today's Parent

I'm not even a mom yet and I can already see how I'm going to be annoyingly spouting off information to people.

As a baby shower gift one of my friends gave us a subscription to Today's Parent. I've already gotten 3 issues so I've been reading away and learning all kinds of things. And I'm already spouting off the information all over the place.

For example - did you know that you shouldn't put ice on a burn. Cold water yes, ice - no no - it prevents blood flow to the area thereby making the burn worse. AND apparently not covering a wound to let it dry out is a myth! According to Today's Parent, moist wounds heal better (not to mention clean) and they also are less likely to scar. These are good things to know!!

Last month's issue has me spouting off about a million and one other things so I just know this is going to be a frequent thing... so look forward to my little nuggets of knowledge people. And some of them are good for non-parents too. Last time I burned myself, I put ice on it!

Good gift A!

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