Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Not the blog post I had planned to start with

I've had daydreams of all the fabulous posts I was going to start my blog off with... I even have a list on a post it notes of all the fabulous little things I wanted to share when I started off my blog. Instead, I haven't had a moment to blog until now... and I'm writing about something interely different than I imagined. Oh well.

So the other day we started noticing discharge from Kiernan's umbilical cord "stump" - that and a bit of an odor. They tell you in the hospital that there will be an odor - after all it's rotting flesh (ew. gross. yuck.) but that if it was a strong smell then to have it checked out. When, pray tell, do you decide if it's more than just a bad odor and now a strong odor? I called the doctor's office and said "there is a bit of an odor and a bit of goopy discharge, is this normal?" thinking it probably was and they would tell me to spazz down and just relax. Well... they wanted to see him. And it turns out he does have a bit of an infection :( Blah... my poor baby.

I don't think that he feels it. And the doctor says that it's a really mild infection, hasn't spread at all and isn't likely too, and gave me some ointment to put into the "wound". The doctor also gave me a lecture that I wasn't to feel guilty because it wasn't something I had done that cause this (which is good because I did sort of feel like I must have done something wrong even though I've been trying to follow all direction I've been given). So that wasn't fun... but oh well.

On a more positive note - I was right to think this kid was a good eater and that we were doing well with the breastfeeding because he has already put all his birthweight back on and more and weighed in at 7 lbs 2 oz yesterday (he had gone down to 6 lbs 9 oz by the time we left the hospital). He's going to be a big guy in no time - which is good because he looks silly in all the clothes I have because even if they are the right length... they're big and baggy.

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