Monday, September 25, 2006


We borrowed a bassinet for Kiernan to sleep in in our room until he's a couple of months old and we're ready to move him into his own bedroom. We knew there was a light and some other functionality to the bassinet but every time we looked to figure out where to change the batteries it never seemed straightforward and it kept getting postponed. Yesterday Eric took apart the bassinet and put in new batteries and we discovered it had a vibrating mode. Kiernan seems to really like the vibrating mode so yay for that. When we put him down we turn it on and if he starts fussing we turn it on. It vibrates for about a minute or two.
So... during the night... everytime Kiernan fussed, I hit the button and Eric dubbed it my snooze button. I buy myself another 5-10 minutes of sleep before I actually have to wake up, get out of bed, and feed the little guy. I even do it in an automatic reach out and whack the button way same as you would with an alarm clock. :)

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