Friday, September 22, 2006

My little turtle

Kiernan cracks me up - he has the best facial expressions (all still involuntary but still) and there are so many of them that he's getting all kinds of new nicknames:

Turtle: he has a long skinny neck and his eyes are still bugged out a bit and he cranes his neck and makes this old man faces and he TOTALLY looks like a turtle to me.

Fish face: the boy loves to nurse... everytime he comes near me, if he is remotely hungry and in a lying down position, his mouth starts opening and closing like a fish... seeking his dinner. Depending on how hungry he is fish face can also appear into your neck.

Bill Cosby: you know the face.... Kiernan makes it. He is a fabulous Bill Cosby impersonator - too bad it's not the kind of thing you can capture in a photo.

Smiley: now I know this is most likely all gas, but the kid smiles a lot and man is it adorable - I can't wait until he starts doing it for real!

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