Monday, September 25, 2006

Sleep is for wusses

Kiernan sleeps really well at night one in about every 3-4 nights. This weekend were two of his off nights so Eric and I got very little sleep. Saturday night he "perked up" around 11pm and one or the other of us were up with him until 7am. It was a really rough night and by about 5am I was convinced something was wrong with him - a fever? a cold? SOMETHING! But, as we've discovered in the past, Kiernan can almost always go to sleep withthe sun coming up so around 7 he started to drift off.
I'm starting to get very good at being able to sleep when I can though... sometimes in odd an unnecessary sleeping positions. Last night Eric woke up and asked me if everything was ok because I was sitting up in bed. I said ya... he asked if I was holding the baby... I looked down and realized I wasn't. I was just sleeping sitting up in bed. I think the baby started to stir and I sat up thinking I was going to have to get up and feed him but then he got quiet so I thought "I'll just wait a second before getting up" and when he settled back down again I must have just fallen asleep there... sitting straight up. :) I thought it was bad I fell asleep nursing or rocking the baby almost daily, now I'm falling asleep sitting up without being in a chair or even holding a baby!

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