Friday, December 10, 2010


My iPhone broke. It was bound to happen - I think something about my inner core slowly electrocutes electronics - my computers, phones, etc always go nuts way earlier than everyone else's.

It also doesn't help that there are little people who abscond with our electronics even when we try to keep them away from them. Or that I thought it was ok to give the baby the iPhone (harmless right?) until Quinn sucked on it and did something to it and it start making this horrendous noise instead of vibrating (all who heard the noise can attest to a) its horribleness and b) its bizareness ;)

44 : 365 Quinn and an iPhone

It went to a crazy white screen of death about half an hour after Eric left for a business trip and our house fell to the plague. It took me a week to get it in to be repaired. In all I was without an iPhone for 20 days. It was awful.

In those 20 days I would bemoan all the missed tweets, the difficulty of looking at a map BEFORE going somewhere, and at least 5 times a day I would take out the loaner flip phone, open it, and gaze at it - willing it to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING interesting. It never did.

I have a new iPhone now - still a 3G (which is just fine with me) but BRAND NEW. No more crazy buzzing and maybe another year before it starts acting up. And I think I may invest in the Applecare because OBVIOUSLY despite my love of electronics, they don't seem to love me.

And I am very very happy to have it back.