Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Automatic no starts very young

I know a lot of men, ok maybe not just men, who have an automatic no. Anything you ask them gets a negative answer until you talk it through a bit more. Eric apparently was like this as a toddler so I guess it isn't surprising Kiernan has inherited this trait :)

"Kiernan, did you knock over that toy?"
"Kiernan, do you need a bum change?"
"Do you always answer in a negative fashion?"
Dora: Do you see a sign?
Kiernan: no
Dore: pause..... Right! There it is! ;)

They're generally questions you know he doesn't understand, he just knows it's a question and that no seems to be the right way to respond. CRACKS US UP!

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nutmeg said...

Finn hasn't learned that word yet. Nobody's allowed to say it in his earshot either!

Nuzzy said...

..i've been told they DO stop the no's.. when they turn 20.

Lida said...

Eric still hasn't stopped. ;)