Monday, November 05, 2007

Multi syllabic baby

Even thought he somehow managed to have some of his first words be "itsa" and "da" for the most part when Kiernan has been talking he only uses the first sound in a word. Baaa can be ball, book, bottle. biii is a bird. teee is tv. sna is snack. do is door. mo is more, etc. the odd exception had him using a different syllable in the word. tee, other than being tv can all be kitty.

He was started to make exceptions in our names. Maaa-y, Daaa-y. And then all of a sudden the other day, we have Daaaddy! Daddy! Daddy! SO cute. I'm still Maaa-y, except when he decides he should also call me Daddy ;) But we have more, we have banananana, and we have titi, which sounds rude but is really kitty or tv :) He's so darned clever that Kiernan. It's all the crying and not sleeping - I'm sure of it.

On a total aside, the last two nights I've made pasta recipes from the most recent Chatelaine and they are DELICIOUS! If you get chatelaine, try them out - we had the pork peanut one and the lemony one. yum yum yum yum! (the internet rocks - I found the recipes online to link to :)

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Andrea said...

Congrats! Isn't it such a joy to watch babies work through things and put them together? :)