Thursday, November 08, 2007

How can you ever want to go through that again?

A lot of bloggers seem to be pregnant right now - and feeling REALLY sick. The conversations about how to get through the morning sickness have been bringing back some of the memories of my pregnancy and just how awful I felt.

I also have an acquaintance who is pregnant, with her 4th, and sick for the first time. And thinking about it, and trying to give her tips and suggestions, reminds me how miserable I was. And yet, I don't REALLY remember. I remember that I would be moaning and groaning and crying in misery. And I remember enough that it's still a favourite line of mine to offer to go through labour for anyone if they would just go through the pregnancy for me ;) But because I don't REALLY remember it, and because I don't feel it NOW, I don't think it will stop me from going through it again. Even if I have another non-sleeping baby. Because despite the fact that I have the amazing non-sleeping baby, he's also the light of my life (oh how I hate to be so cheesy).
Nothing gives me joy like hugs from my little guy, or watching him discover a new game (currently, his favourite is bye bye *wave wave* (turns around and then turns back) hi! hi! *wave wave* bye bye *wave wave* (repeat :)


Some kind of Wondermom said...
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Nuzzy said...

This is probably one of your best posts yet! :)

Amanda said...

We're pregnant with our third and while I had the morning sickness again, the wonder of creating a life continues apace. Sweet post.

Krista said...

I was sick as could be and survived best with Diclectin! It was my drug of choice at the time and a life saver! That at prego pops? There were called something like that. I don't know what makes them work, but they got me through a lot of "rough times". So for all you sickos out there, drug up and prego pop away. they really do help! You can buy the candy at most maternity stores.