Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Tons 'o stuff Tuesday

Remember when I asked people to help me win a contest for a photography session? I won! YAY! She takes fabulous photos and I can't wait to see what she does for us! :) Thanks to everyone who commented for me!

The thing I look forward to most every April 1 is seeing what Google will do to amuse me :) They don't let me down! My favourite part about that is that Larry Page can't keep a straight face. hehe. And then gmail has one too. I wonder who gets paid to come up with this stuff :) Oh - plus I learned a new term today - Rick Rolled. Had you heard of it? I learned it when I found out that youtube had rick rolled all the links on their main page. Hilarious! If it's still April 1 when you see this - go check it out!

I went to a Women 2.0 event tonight which was a lot of fun! I met a lot of great women, and I learned that I really wasn't getting Twitter. Or at least, I haven't been using it to its full capabilities. So that's my goal for the next week - figure twitter out properly. Follow me and I'll follow you!

Aside from learning about Twitter (which really wasn't the key part about the evening at all! :) I found out about a bunch of neat websites that I think will be worth checking out. Loyalty Match - where you can sell all those loyalty points you never use, or, buy people's points to get items that you want. And Freshbooks, which sounds like a fabulous tool if you run a business that involves invoicing people. And Liquid Planner, which I keep wanting to call Liquid Monkey, which is an online project management system. I've already signed up and started inputting tasks. The question is, will I keep logging back in?

Are these compilation blog posts too long and boring for people to read?


Anonymous said...

This blog post was not at all long or boring.
I like longer blog posts anyways. If I wanted the short and sweet version, I'd look at your facebook status.

AmyE said...

I love compilation posts.

Some kind of Wondermom said...

I'm jealous of the time you have to blog. I wish I had time to read all your posts in detail.

Melany Gallant said...

Hey Lara! Thanks for the Women 2.0 Ottawa shout-out. Glad you found the April 1 event informative and interesting!