Tuesday, May 13, 2008

20 months old

Today Kiernan turned 20 months old - and for some reason that strikes me a bit more than a lot of the last bunch of months - maybe because it's TWENTY! 2 - 0! He's going to be five soon if I don't watch out ;)

It's so hard to imagine that it was only 20 months ago that he was born, less than 20 months ago when I was so excited that he had followed me with his eyes (HE COULD SEE ME!) that I called Eric at work to tell him. And the first thing Eric did when he got home was have Kiernan follow him with his eyes.

And now we have this little man who runs and jumps and climbs and talks... boy does he talk! :)

He's so aware of us now it's incredible. If K hears either one of us while the other is getting him up in the morning, he exclaims "MOMMY!" (or daddy) in the most thrilled voice you can imagine - it's really heart warming. And if we start to go somewhere with him without the other parent "daddy comin'?" Or if one of us leaves "mommy goin'?"

His favourite food at moment seems to be dried cranberries followed up by instant oatmeal. If I take my glasses off he insists they be put back on. He wants to be outside as much as possible, and most of all he wants to be at the park. He can tell if we're not taking the right route the the "slide!!" and will throw himself to the ground in a fit of despair.

And I have no photos because I can't find the camera battery charger and the battery in my camera is dead I'm going to go and buy a new charger tomorrow ;)


Anonymous said...

It IS amazing. It doesn't seem that long at all. And he is such a little man with SO MUCH personality. Here's to the next 20 months. May they go by slowly, but not too slowly; and may you not miss a moment.

(slightly) less cynical said...

Don't forget the picture in our living room - I'm wearing glasses and Lara isn't, so it's "Mommy eyes! Daddy Mommy glasses!" because I obviously don't have glasses of my own...

Jenn said...

They are so cute at that age ! I can't wait for my little one to start doing those things!

ShannanB said...

It does seem to fly by. Take lots of photos and videos and enjoy every moment. My youngest is three and it feels like he was born just yesterday