Friday, June 06, 2008

give away weekend

This weekend is the time to declutter the house by sticking all the things you don't really want around on your front lawn! Saturday and Sunday everyone in the city can stick their unwanted "stuff" on the lawn and then you can go around and troll for stuff you might want!

We're planning on sticking a few gems out there - some free weights, a coffee table, this super cool dresser I started sanding but will never ever getting around to finishing, and maybe some other random stuff too.

So, troll around and find some stuff you might like to have, instead of buying new stuff (RE-USE) and don't just throw out stuff you don't want - see if anyone else might like it.

More info on the program can be found here:


nottryingforaboy said...

That is such a great concept!

Nuzzy said...

..go figure, I have gotten rid of tonnes of old stuff I don't need over the last number of weeks already. Doh!

That Chick Over There said...

That is really such a neat idea!

Of course my neighbors are pretty much crackheads, so I likely wouldn't want anything they had.

Still. Cool idea!

Adria Sha said...

I like this idea! I've often thought that it would be so much easier to declutter if I just had to drag stuff out to the front lawn, rather than box it up and drive it to a donation center.