Friday, June 13, 2008

The Ultimate “I Buy Canadian” Blog Party

Have I told you about the awesome contest we're having at Apples'n'Oranges yet? Not properly so here I go ;)

The Ultimate “I Buy Canadian” Blog Party

A) Post this button on your blog starting now to help us promote the contest and get an entry for a prize (just email or leave a comment on the Apples'n'Oranges blog to let us know you've done it)

B) Write something about why you shop Canadian. You don't have to shop Canadian all the time, but do you think buying from Canadian stores, or buying thing specifically made in Canada is important? Why? It doesn't need to be anything long, we'd just love to hear what you think. And if you tell us, you'll get entered to win some fabulously amazing prizes! Dude, we have so many prizes!!
  • -Apples'n'Oranges $100 gift certificate
  • -Peekaboo Beans girls' Mame Tee and boys' Koi Tee (your choice of size)
  • -Pippalily sling in your choice of fabric and size
  • -A custom designed t-shirt from Red Fish Kids
  • -A six-pack of hairclips and a headband from Bugalug
  • -A stuffed creation from Fabricawakuwaku
  • -A pair of squeaky shoes from Little Squeaky Feet
  • -A pair of shoes from Little Soles
  • -Baby shower cards, birth announcements, thank you cards and mommy calling cards from Kanvas Ink.
  • -A tie shirt from Rock and Rattle
  • - An apple dress from Fig Organic
  • -Jewellery from Jewellery by Erin
  • - A nursing cover from Small Potatoes

  • C) Post what you think on your blog and link back to us (and email us to tell you you've posted, we'll link back to you) or, if you don't have a blog, email us your reasons and we'll post them on our blog.
    D) YAY CANADA! :)

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