Friday, July 18, 2008

Blogher pffft - BFF here I come!

Last year I spent the entire weekend of the BlogHer conference feeling horribly jealous that I wasn't taking part.

This year Blogher was even further and I really couldn't justify the trip to San Francisco... but then a couple of Ontario gals decided to have Blog Friends Fest in Niagara Falls for a bunch of us who can't make it. DOABLE!

So we're off! Vicky and I are leaving this morning and will use the opportunity to do some Apples'n'Oranges stuff on the way down and back up. I'm bringing the laptop, camera, and flip so expect to hear from me - this is a blogging thing after all - you can't expect me to go silent for 4 days. I'm going to my people, the ones who understand the never ending need to check email, blog about something and understand it's more relaxing to have your laptop with you everywhere you go than the alternative ;)


Anonymous said...

Have a great time!

metro mama said...

Looking forward to meeting you!


Shannon said...

Sounds terrific - I hope you guys have a really great time!! Yipee!

sam said...

Hey Lara!! It was great meeting you and Vicky!! I hope you had a safe trip home!!

Anonymous said...

You & Vicky; one of the great parts about BFF, so glad we met!


Sandra said...

So glad you came and I had a chance to meet you! Looking forward to buying gifts for friends and family on your fantastic online store soon!

agnes said...

We just returned from a lovely weekend in Niagara falls at the Blog Friends Fest. We’re tired (oh so very tired), and definitely a bit waterlogged! I hitched a ride (and shared a room the first night) with Mamalooper, who was a fabulous roommate


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