Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Strawberry picking

Today is a holiday. On a Tuesday. And don't get me wrong, I love a holiday. But it's weird to have on a Tuesday ;) So I took Monday off. But Eric didn't, so I planned a little mommy and kids outing to pick strawberries. We had a blast! It was so much fun to be out having fun with a group of moms again - made me long for mat leave again. Except it's even more fun because Kiernan was old enough to have fun and participate.

This is my favourite photo of the day :)

But I can't stop there. Here's some more strawberry face.

And some "Kiernan the helper"

Hanging out in a strawberry patch (is it a patch? a field? Whatever it is, fortunately we didn't get the mucky row)

Having fun sitting on random piping waiting for the wagon to come and get us.

Cute shot of feet - is it that the bigger your kids get the smarter you get about dressing your kids for strawberry picking? ;) K was actually fine in his shorts and sandals - but I think I WOULD use boots next time.

Now... what to do with all those strawberries?!


Anonymous said...

J and I LOVE the first shot, K looks so cute eating that berry.

crazy working mom said...

Eating 'ems way more fun than picking, right?!

That is an amazing photo, the first one. :)