Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Canada Day Photos

Here are the photos I took when we went to Petrie Island for Canada Day

That's right - nothing folks. Remembered the camera, forgot the memory card. I pouted. And tried to convince myself something can be fun even if you don't get to take photos to remember it by later. But it was hard ;)

Petrie Island on the other hand was very cool and we'll definitely be going back next year!


Nuzzy said...

OK the best part is, you even left the right amount of empty space for the non-picture, so I seriously was trying to figure out why it wasn't loading.

Anonymous said...

Hehehe, that was a clever ploy.
I'm glad you had a good time either way.

Shannon said...

I'm so sorry you forgot your memory card - that sucks and I've BTDT too!!! I've heard Petrie Island is great, we don't often venture out that way, we went to Andrew Hayden Park.