Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Belly shots

Being pregnant hasn't been my "thing". I don't feel well, I don't glow, and I spend more time than I should obsessing that my belly is a bit of an odd shape ;) I decided this time, however, that I was going to take the plunge and get some photos taken of me pregnant. Anna is setting up her photography business here in Ottawa and I think she got some great shots - although really, I think Kiernan stole the show :)


Gwen said...

Your're not that big at all! I am very jealous!

Lindsey said...

Beautiful pics Lara! I think Kiernan will be a wonderful look amazing!

Anna said...

Lara, Thank you for posting some of your photos and a like to my site.

You definitely aren't giving yourself credit for glowing as I could see in you when we first met. Carrying twins, I can imagine, is no easy task and you are doing very, very well. I look forward to hearing of their arrival.

CrAzY Working Mom said...'re glowing beautifully. I'll be the little guy is so excited!!! :)