Thursday, April 02, 2009

Pregnant with twins - 31 weeks

I've been horrible about blogging this pregnancy. I wish I was better for the people who read, and even just so I remember what this experience has been like. But alas, I find it really hard to motivate myself to do much this pregnancy :P The less I do, the more I feel inclined to never leave the house or do anything but nap and read books. It's kind of depressing and I look forward to the total shift I know will happen when these babies get here.

Last week I had my follow up ultrasound after my scary one and all was good. Eric and I were right, we assume, to think the u/s tech at the previous place didn't take much care in her measurements since this time the babies were only 2 oz apart and both about 3lbs (Baby A 2 lbs 15 oz and Baby B 3 lbs 1 oz). I was ecstatic!

Today I got a call that's got me slightly on edge again. I've been scheduled for a follow up ultrasound sooner than I expected because apparently my cervix was measuring at a 33-37 weeks when I was 29 weeks. Obviously nobody is in a panic because they scheduled a recommended follow up for 2-3 weeks later, but it looks like my body might be getting ready to have these babies a bit sooner than we'd like. So I head back on April 15 to see what they have to say then. Given the fact that Baby A likes to swivel on my cervix (I've actually been complaining about this for the last few days) I think I'm going to be trying to keep myself even more reclined than I have been. They need to stay in there at least another 5 weeks!!!

This weekend is my shower (fun!) so I'll post some photos next week that show you all how big I'm getting ;)

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Some kind of Wondermom said...

Looking forward to the total shift... (insert raised eyebrow). Let's hope it'll be a smooth ride this time around. :)