Thursday, April 30, 2009


I woke up yesterday morning and as I lay in bed and Eric was getting ready for work I started getting kicked.... in a way I didn't recognize. I told Eric it suddenly felt like I was getting kicked down low... something I hadn't experienced before, and wondered if Baby Girl had flipped over in the night.

One of the first things the tech said during our ultrasound yesterday? "So Baby A is head down and Baby B is breech." Hmm.. well, at least I clearly am aware of what they're doing in there now. And at least it's baby B. I'm not going to get freaked out or worried because they'll still let me try to have a vaginal delivery with baby b being breech, which wouldn't have been the case if baby A had decided to flip.

I was shocked she had any room in there to flip! Hopefully she'll flip once baby A makes his appearance.

They also are both over 5lbs now, which is something that makes me feel a lot better too. They're getting so big, makes me worry less about them showing up early. Baby A was down so low that she couldn't get a good measurement of his head so we're not sure exactly how big he is, but baby A measured in at 5 lbs 4 oz so we can safely assume that he's about the same.

Today is May. I didn't want these babies to come until May, and it's May! That's also a really big relief! Everyone, except one, who I've known who has been pregnant with twins in the last year hasn't made it past 35 weeks. I'm now at 35 weeks 2 days and, all things considered, feeling pretty good. I want this to be over, but think I can hold out at least another week. And until then, I'm going to keep sitting in my chair with my feet up and I'm going to be grateful that I have people who will listen to me complain about the indigestion, the headaches, the cramping and the difficulties breathing. ;) Won't be long now!


Lindsey said...

Woo hoo! It's May and you made it! 5lbs sounds pretty darn good for twins - CONGRATS!

good luck in your last few weeks Lara - I'll be thinking of you. =D

shona said...

Yay! Almost time! :)

urbandaddy said...

I guess this is what happens when I don't come blog much... Twins!?! WOW. And May... That's like now! WOW. Congrats!

I went back to read a bunch of posts in order to catch up before commenting and I see it's been a long road thus far - bad sleeping, heartburn, etc. Look at the brights side... The bad sleeping is going to stay like that for at least a year but the heartburn will be gone.

Wishing you good health and good luck the rest of the way!

Monique said...

My aunt had twins and she carried them a week overdue. They were each over 8lbs. Careful what you wish for! LOL. Good luck!!! And in case I don't get back over here to comment before you go into labor, have a safe and easy delivery and healthy babies!