Wednesday, September 30, 2009

4 months old

My poor blog - I really have been neglecting it. And I know I'm going to regret it because lately I've been counting on my blog to have all kinds of information about Kiernan in his first year. And if I'm disappointed I missed out on weights and stories for him, I'm going to be really disappointed on what I've kept track of for the twins. :P

So here is a quick update for posterity.

At their four month appointments Juliette weighed 12 lbs 13 oz and Quinn weighed 15 lbs 13 oz. Three pounds bigger! And let me tell you - you can feel it!!

Quinn is wearing all kinds of clothing I had Kiernan in when he was walking, and I looked back and Kiernan was 18 lbs when he started walking so it's not shocking. I am very curious to see if Quinn continues being so much bigger than his brother always has been.

Juliette is the one who has more control over her body - not shocking to me since Q has so much more weight to heft around. She holds herself very similarly to Kiernan and has the same kind of straight posture. She holds herself up well on her arms, scootches forward if you leave her on her tummy for long, and can roll off her tummy to her back quite easily.

Both babies are pivoting like crazy and I often find them in a different spot than where I left them on the floor. So ya, I guess I can't leave them in the middle of a disaster zone anymore and go off for a pee and expect safety ;)

Quinn likes to sing. I was going to call it opera but Grandpapa seems to think that's a bit too generous. What do you think?

Both babies are extremely alert and happy babies. It still astounds me that I can leave them on the floor, playmat, exersaucer, etc for lengthy periods of time and just have them be content. Although I am often tired, overall I still maintain that these two babies are less work than Kiernan was on his own. That being said, I find myself a lot more housebound because they nap better and nap best at home. Also, I can't rely on them falling asleep in the car or stroller the way Kiernan did and therefore can't justify the outings quite as easily.

Nights are a whole other issue that you may find out about if I get around to blogging it ;) Hopefully I will. It involves me making an appointment with a realtor though. hehe.

And lastly, here is a photo of me with the 3 kiddos that I really like. It's not necessarily a fab photos of any of the children, but it represents how I view myself at this time in my life (which I'm happy with)


Rebecca said...

That's how I go out with all three children as well unless I can talk Lizzie in to walking for a bit. My babies aren't very consistent nappers no matter where we are, Emily in particular.

Anonymous said...

I like that photo.

Gwen said...

Loved the picture! Your twins are way more advanced than mine were at that same age. As for the nights, I've been there, my friend. Nights got better around six months for me...hopefully, the same will be true for you!

nonlineargirl said...

I like the picture. We can't seem to get pictures of all five of us, even though I have a tripod and a remote for the camera. Oh well.