Monday, September 21, 2009

Won't be long until they can share the same clothing!

Kiernan's not a big guy. Never has been and I think will likely continue to be on the small side for quite awhile until I'm sure he'll suddenly shoot up like a weed as I'm told his father and grandfather did. But I'm used to small guys. I'm used to clothing fitting for a year or longer. I'm used to most sizing on clothing being relatively accurate if not big for Kiernan. And Quinn... is not a little guy. According to the last time he got measured he's not a BIG guy (although I can't wait to find out what he weighs at his next appointment) but he's not at all like Kiernan. And so I'm having to pull out clothing that Kiernan wore way later for Q. Like later as in when he was walking and talking (which he did early, but still).
Here is a photo of Kiernan at 11 months old.

Quinn at 4 months old. A bit big, but certainly not outrageously.

I should start putting Juliette in Kiernan's old stuff just to get a better perspective ;)

(know what else is different? I took that photo because Quinn fell asleep in that chair by himself, cuz he was tired. By himself. Kiernan did that ONCE (and he was in my arms, I just wasn't bouncing) until he was over 1!)

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nonlineargirl said...

I too was flabbergasted the first time one of my twins fell asleep on her own like that. My older kid would NEVER have done that.