Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Being three

Kiernan turned 3 just over a week ago - did I even blog about it or did I forget?

Either way, three he turned and suddenly he's different. He's doing all kinds of things that are so "big boy" and are a blend of hilarious, cute, and/or downright irritating.

Bed time is now hit or miss. He's decided he's not tired at bedtime and would like to stay up later. And he's getting creative. After his usual bedtime routine as we try to leave we get a lot of
"mommy! mommy! wait wait wait!"
"yes Kiernan?"
"what goes up and down?"
"I need a drink of water"
"I want you to sleep with me!" (which I would actually do sometimes if it EVER worked. But it's just an excuse to get someone to lie down with him so he can climb over them, have them tell him stories and chat with)
"I love you!" (total points there for using the sentimental/make mom mushy card)

He's also negotiating and deal making. "If I eat two bites of dinner, I'm going to get to play games on mommy's computer"
Oh really? Who offered up this deal? ;)

And, especially with his new hair cut, he just looks older. Even as he's cracking jokes.

"okkk... I'm looking at you... take my picture...!"


Brenda said...

I know what you mean about having a 3 year old. My daughter is 3 and went from baby to little girl over night! I love this age (except for the terrible 3 tantrums lol). They come up with the cutest sayings, are asserting their independence and my daughter is always ready to be my little "helper". Wish I could bottle this age up and keep her 3 forever. Enjoy him, he's a cutie :)

mchen said...

Oh man, this is the same kid as the infant who impressed me with all the barnyard animal sounds??? You should write down some of the hilarious stuff he says so you can remember later on. You know... in all your spare time, ha! He is a veritable boy, a very clever and cute one at that.

Rebecca said...

My daughter, who just turned 2 in June, does the same thing at bedtime. She is an expert at delaying tactics!