Friday, December 18, 2009

Ho ho ho... MERRY Christmas

This, my friends, is Santa Pierre. He is a Santa as Place d'Orleans and I think he is the perfect Santa. And Kiernan sat on his knee for his first 3 Xmas photos. This year, I was thrilled to learn you could get Santa Pierre's schedule to make sure you got him for your photo. Unfortunately, life had a little chuckle at my attempt to be so organized and despite my good intentions I never managed to get to the mall with all three kids in their Christmas best for a photo with Santa Pierre (really, I think buying a house and then getting our crazy messy too full house looking like this was a good excuse ;)

Impromptu babies with Santa photo at Billings Bridge early this week. I made an exception for convenience of location and the desire for a cute photo with the three bebes.

Yesterday I was all set to get THE Xmas photo. Santa Pierre, however, was not working until Saturday. Saturday. I knew it would be insane and really, life is insane enough without adding Saturday crowds to the mix. So, I decided instead we would go back to Billings Bridge. My mother in law and I got all three kids in their clothing (no easy feat, let me tell ya) and got out the door only to have Kiernan announce he was NOT going to have his photo taken with Santa. I knew better than to force the issue so instead we went for lunch.

After lunch he agreed to go see Santa so we drove to Billings. Guess what, we arrived and he was on a lonnnng lunch break. So we did a few more errands and then instead of heading back to Billings again, I decided we should go to Carlingwood since it was near my in-law's and we were having dinner there.

We got there at 3:15 and Santa wasn't there until 4:30. HA HA HA! :P We spent almost the entire days chasing after Santa with three young kids. FUN TIMES.

We waited and despite some impatient and tired children (mommy messed up naps for all 3 with all that galivanting) we got the photo. Carlingwood has a pretty good system where you get to choose from several photos right there and photos are ready within 15 minutes! (So much nicer than the 2-5 hour wait at a lot of other places) and I'm loving the option a lot of malls are having now to get the photo on a CD. By getting that option at Carlingwood I actually got all 3 photos that they took so the pressure to choose the best one on the spot wasn't so bad.

I am beyond thrilled with how cute they look in their matching Christmas outfits, despite my friend's comment encapsulating perfectly how I felt about this Santa "My Santa, what big teeth you have"

and I'm trying to resist tracking down Santa Pierre for one last shot at a photo with him this year. :)


Capital Mom said...

Those are all great pictures. And you are one dedicated mommy! :-)

Anonymous said...

I agree that Santa Pierre is THE Santa.
And the kids look terrific in their matching outfits. Plus the twins' teething cheeks make them look all rosy and Christmas-y, too. So there's an upside to teething after all.

Lindsey said...

LOVE the xmas outfits Lara! =D And although he wasn't Santa Pierre - still an awesome photo at the end of a very long Santa-chasing day!