Tuesday, December 08, 2009

On being three and a pain in the ass

Mother nature is very smart. She made babies cute and lovable so you would take care of them even when they scream like banshees and wake up 20 times every night. They look like their parents so people believe they are their children and stick around. It's a good design.

Now I realize how her cleverness extends. By the time they are 3, cute isn't enough anymore. It's a good thing they are so charming and amusing or the whole "I feel the need to assert myself" thing might get them booted out the door. sigh.


Capital Mom said...

There has to be some logic to this madness. :-)

Some kind of Wondermom said...

I think we're the lucky ones. Not everyone has charming and amusing 3 year olds. Imagine those parents' willpower NOT to boot them out the door!

existere said...

I'm seeing a disturbing pattern. I was told, 'Wait till they smile, it makes you able to keep doing this job.' Then 'wait till they see you int he mornings and kick like crazy.'

Now you're telling me that at three they are still, um, WORK, and they seduce you with their charms yet again?

lindsey said...

It is DEFINITELY the terrible "three's" - I feel part of your pain.