Monday, December 21, 2009

Time to decorate!

Our house is officially sold!!! Yay! So now I can honestly start thinking about the new house. It's a great house, but, it needs some new paint and a some new style. I thought I'd fish for some advice on what we can do in each room, because unlike others I know, decorating isn't really something I LOVE to do. I'd love your input!!

The house!! We don't love the colour, but considering the work I want to do inside, I can live with this for awhile :)

The family room. I'm hoping to remove a wall (the one to my left from where I was taking this photo) so the room will be due for some painting and stuff. If I get my way and the wall comes down then the family room, eat in kitchen and kitchen will all be attached and will need to be similar in theme. The kitchen/eat in are currently painted and wallpapered like this desk area. It'll be a shame to get rid of the wall paper border (eyes rolling) but I'm sure we can come up with something a bit better :)

Quinn and Kiernan's rooms. (Quinn green/blue and Kiernan yellow/blue). Both bedrooms have closets like that and chair rails. Wondering if it'll be easier to decorate without the chair rails? Kiernan has resquested a blue and blue room. Doesn't exactly go with his current safari themed room or the pirate stuff he has so I think we're starting from scratch and Quinn is old enough that I don't want to decorate his room in a baby theme but not old enough for me to know what his likes/dislikes will be.

Juliette's room. Definitely want to do something girly without it being too princess-y. Hopefully this dark grey won't be too hard to cover up. I have visions of wide pink/purple stripes but not sure if that'll get old too fast?
Our room. It's 10 and abit by 20. Our furniture will fit but I suspect it'll be a bit crowded. Our current room is a light beige on 3 walls and dark red on the last but I think that's very 5 years ago ;)

I'm wondering if wall decals are the way to go? I really like the one we have in Kiernan's room now and there are so many fun ones out there. Especially for the kids' rooms it seems like the easiest way to personalize their rooms.

If you guys are interested and actually have input (I know I'm not exactly the pioneer woman) then I'll post more soon asking for input on some of the other rooms and showing you the stuff I can't change for awhile but would like to eventually. To get an idea on our furniture you can see the photos from this house from our listing. Maybe I'll even do a giveaway. Hey, maybe the new Lowes in Orleans will want to sponsor a giveaway for home improvement tips? :) (ps I hear Lowes is having a 2 for 1 toilet sale, in case you're looking for a bunch of new toilets ;)


Jenn said...

Just a quick comment - I love the chair rail in the kids rooms. It makes it nice and easy to do a 2 colour split, you can go dark on the bottom and lighter on the top, and if the kids ever want to switch it up, you may be able to get away with only painting one half of the room! We did it in Griffin's room, and I love it! You could always go with something mural-like too!

Love the idea of the stripes for Juliette's room, maybe just on 2 of the 4 walls though?

Your old house looks great, I think! Are you moving to get the extra bedroom?

Some kind of Wondermom said...

Have you thought about hiring a decorator from one of the paint stores? I had one come and give me suggestions, and it was only $75 for an hour. Then I got a discount card to buy paint. I think it might be worth it, someone with a trained eye who can come in and see the house in the day light and recommend colours for you. (As much as *I'd* love to do it for free;)

Capital Mom said...

I love colour. I always try to think about one piece that will go in a room and then build the colours around that. I am happy with all the colours in the house except the kitchen. But then again I want our entire kitchen redone.
The kids' rooms are green and orange because we painted them before they were born and we didn't know gender. But it works well because we can switch rooms without any trouble and accessorize with other colours.

WolfePartyOf5 said...

I did 13inch pink and purple stripes on my daughters wall and she LOVED it!! She was 3 when we did it and not she's 7. The decor in her room has changed alot but it always goes with the walls!!

ipod said...

id say go with some wall decals! ive been loving them recently. i like the fact that i can remove them and change them without making (as big of) a mess, and in half the time.

amazon has some really cute ones, like these:
Removeable wall decals on Amazon

nonlineargirl said...

I have used decals in Mira/Ian's room - animal outlines with letters on them (I is for iguana, etc). I bought them at blix online, which has great stuff but isn't super cheap. After getting them I saw that you can get decals at Target!