Monday, March 22, 2010



It's an age that is pushing me a little too hard lately. An age that has me parenting in a way I'm not very fond of.

So help me if you...

And I'm lucky if all I'm doing is yelling.. Shrieking is more like it some of the time. And I hate that I can't stay calm. I hate that reasoning doesn't work fast enough. I hate that hollering at the top of my lungs is the only thing that will stop him some times.

I remind myself I'm not alone (thank god I have other friends with trying three year olds ;) and I am regularly amused by this Bill Cosby but that amalah posted recently :

And it's certainly not all bad. The "I love you mommy"s and the "I want to sit on your lap and cuddle" and the hilarious things that come out of his mouth make it all worthwhile.

Could you not eat this kid up? (well, when he's not smothering his siblings with love, leaving the house alone or making a general pain in the ass-ness of himself of course)

(This is the version we listen to five million times a day - and download a copy to help with relief in Haiti.)


A Crafty Mom said...

I found with both my boys that three was by far the most difficult age. They have very little patience and don't have the tools yet to handle all their swirling emotions. It's still very hard when they are four, and five, and six - but in a different way. You can't reason with a three year old - you can kind of reason with a four or five year old. Sometimes.

Krista said...

My big sister told me that the biggest mommy secret out there is that age 3 is way worse than the terrible 2s... at least it was for her. My oldest is 2 so I have yet to agree/disagree with her. lol!

Lindsey said...

For sure all the babies - my nephews included - 3 is THE age..whoever said 2 was WRONG. But you'll get through it and 4 is better because you can reason sometimes (to be a repeater) it'll be OK!

Chantal said...

Oh that vid of your boy singing is adorable! My husband watched the Bill Cosby video after supper and was killing himself laughing. My kid was a pain in the butt at 4 years old but he was an easy 3yo. So I am sure he is getting his pain-in-the-butt-ness out of the way early and will be a dream for you in a year... I am sure :)

Capital Mom said...

Three is hard! I think it might acutally be getting easier. Maybe it is her. Maybe me. But it sure isn't as bad as it used to be. Some days. :-)
And seriously, he is too cute. Especially when he eats cupcakes.

Some kind of Wondermom said...

I swear the terrible threes are just practice for when they are teenagers. I hear you on the trying to stay calm though, it takes A LOT of practice and self control.

Anonymous said...

Jason hates the Wavin' Flag song, and as a result he changes the station whenever it comes on the radio. I'm not a fan of it either, so I also avoid listening to it. I wonder if people not enjoying a song would reduce its impact in terms of promoting a cause or fundraising.

I do not look forward to the days when Rhen transforms from the lovely, delightful, obedient angel that she is into a willful, stubborn, not-so-obedient angel... But, its something that every family has to go through. Just think, when Jason and I have a three year-old, your kids will all be in school.

nonlineargirl said...

As I have laryingitis right now, Ada and I looked up a bunch of signs so that we could chat (knowing me as she does, she suggested we look up "more coffee please"). The number one sign I am using is for STOP.

Kari Stachon said...

LOVE this entry, my three year old has been driving for all the same reasons you listed! I do admit that she is delightful if she has one-on-one time, but I can rarely manage it with only one twins would make it impossible!

Julie said...

how nice it is to read about all these moms with tiring 3 yr olds. i try so hard not to shriek, but sometimes its all i can do to get the bean's attention. maybe i should turn the tv off more often!