Tuesday, May 04, 2010

3 things challenge - and update

So apparently I suck at this challenge thing ;) I flossed every day, but I only made one loaf of the two I promised, I only unpacked 2 of the 5 boxes I promised, and I didn't even manage to blog on Sunday like I should have. Aie aie aie.

I do really like the voting on the sidebar for post of the week. So I'm revamping. I'm deciding none of you really cared about the 3 things anyways, but I will continue having a post of the week. I will write the post about the house this week, and you can vote for the newly updated poll on the sidebar that will be up for the next week.

I'm running out of ideas so I'm afraid old ideas that didn't get chosen in a given week will probably keep showing back up. But I will gladly take suggestions for posts in the comments. Please, suggest :)


(slightly) less cynical said...
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(slightly) less cynical said...

Don't give up! There are still plenty of boxes in the basement!

Capital Mom said...

How about a post about the crazy nap schedules in the house!

kanishk said...

that's only because i don't own the books. i have ready haryr potter about 8 times though.
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