Monday, May 31, 2010

Wedding dress blog tour

Julie and Lynn took part in the wedding dress blog tour started by Shasher and I decided I needed to take part too!

My wedding dress was nothing like what I thought I would get. I imagined something with colour embroidered all through it, and definitely not strapless. But in the end this was the dress that felt right and I loved it. The biggest mistake I made was cheaping out on getting the dress hemmed. The woman I bought the dress for suggested I could wear slightly taller heels and a slightly larger crinoline and not have to hem the dress. I went for it and could barely sit down in that crinoline and my feet were killing me. Just have the dress hemmed ;)

On the other had, should Juliette want to wear it one day, there's lots of extra dress to hem off to get all the dirt and grass stains off since I never got around to having it dry cleaned. oops. :)

Our wedding was out at Eagle Creek in Dunrobin. I think they stopped doing weddings after this one trial year, although I'm not sure. We were married on September 10, 2005, right on the course and it was a perfect day in an incredibly picturesque spot. My great aunt gave me one of the best compliments when she said it was like one of the weddings you saw on tv!

Now, just as a quick aside... a co-worker's wife is a makeup artist. She offered to do my makeup and all my bridesmaids for free. We had no trial. She gave me blue eyeshadow and I felt bad saying I didn't like it. To this day, I can't believe I had blue eye shadow on at my wedding!!

This shows the details of the dress off a bit better. And how I calmed down a bit right before the ceremony ;)

This is my favourite photo of the day.

I never considered selling it, I just felt too attached to it (I AM a packrat, after all) so it is currently in my parents' cedar closet. My goal is to one day be thin enough again to wear it (I was pregnant with Kiernan within months of getting married) and maybe have one of those wedding dress/bridesmaid dress parties. That would make for a really great photo op!

What about you? I want to hear about your dresses! :)


Loukia said...

Lovely pics - love the last one!

Mary Lynn said...

Funny how many of us who wore strapless dresses were sure that we WEREN'T going to wear a strapless dress!

Love the pictures--you look great! So much fun looking at everyone's photos and seeing so many happy brides and grooms.

Katie Valentine said...

Hee. Love, love, love that the photo of you walking down the aisle does not show husband and I tearing accross the green so very, very unfashionably late!!

Blue eyeshadow or no, you looked amazing!!!

Shash said...

It is a gorgeous dress! I'm so in love with strapless now!! If I ever have a do-over ... with the same man of course ... I want strapless!

Thanks so much for hopping on board and participating in the Wedding Dress Blog Tour!

Capital Mom said...

It's so neat to see the wedding pictures. You look great. And now I wnat to see you wear blue eyeshadow all the time!

Nathalie S. Roths said...

Lovely dress. I wish I had the body to wear a strapless dress. It fits you well. I love the tiara too. I had one also on my wedding day.

Lynn said...

I am so loving seeing everyone's wedding dresses! Yours seems to suit you perfectly and I love the little embroidery on it. You looked so gorgeous!