Friday, June 04, 2010

UPDATED: The saddest garden around...

I've been wanting to have a garden for years. I talk about it and never do it. This year, I was determined. I picked this little area in our backyard (oooh, sad fence, you will be dealt with another year)

Really, that was way too big. I dug out a part of it. Yes, that's the pile of grass I dug up, I haven't even moved it yet. one step at a time, right?
The bonus here is that I have a keen little helper who is out there watering daily!

These three whole cucumber plants. You're impressed, I can tell!

But today I am going to go and buy some more soil, and some seeds, and a couple of tomato plants. I've decided the tomatoes are going to live in pots instead of going into the the ground. In the garden we are going to plant some carrots and maybe a pumpkin!!

Wish me luck!

I went to the Garden Centre yesterday afternoon and got some soil and some plants. I planted some strawberries, mini tomatoes and a red pepper plant. I also got two tomato plants to plant into pots. I'm also going to buy some seeds to plant some carrots and peas and I'm thinking there isn't enough room for a pumpkin. I think it looks better already!


Lana said...

If you go to the feed store (or even Preston Hardware etc.) the galvanized feed troughs make great planters. They're huge and fairly affordable.


Some kind of Wondermom said...

My one attempt at a garden didn't succeed. I planted everything way too close together - keep that in mind, especially if you are planting a pumpkin, give it lots of room! Green beans would work well since you have that back fence for them to climb on. Good luck!

nonlineargirl said...

I am for planting things kids will eat. Peas, strawberries, cherry tomatoes.

Just Barely said...

Just look at the splendor of those cucumber plants! You'll be living off the land before you know it!

Jennifer said...

Every little bit counts, right? I hope it grows well for you.