Sunday, June 13, 2010

Feelin' the love

There have been a lot of hard days lately. People keep getting sick. And I'm tired. There's also a lot of "I only want mommy" moments, which can get to be too much. Just leave me be a LITTLE!

There are some days I think about how much easier it was with just one. Just imagine! Or I daydream about all the sleep I used to get before I had no children. OR, how when I used to get sick I could stay in bed all day and get better. GENIUS.

But for all the hard (and I really believe it won't stay this hard for much longer) man is there a lot of good. And even though sometimes I wish they'd give me my space, do you think it gets much better than this?

13 : 365

H is for hugging


Chantal said...

Us moms are so complicated aren't we! I feel the same way. Torn by my feelings of wanted freedom but also loving the closeness I feel with D2 in my arms ALL.THE.TIME :)

It goes by so fast and then we will wish them young again!

Rebecca said...

If I sit down on the floor the same thing happens to me at my house. It doesn't matter what the kids were doing or how happily they were playing, if I sit down that means that everyone has to find a seat on mommy. It also usually ends in hair pulling (each other), etc. :+)

Capital Mom said...

You know, we really didn't appreciate that time when we had it. Because we had so much of it and we just didn't know any better.

Some kind of Wondermom said...

There's a reason mommy's have to arms and two knees - lots of room for lots of babies. That first photo is heart warming.

nonlineargirl said...

Sweet! Ian and Mira have a preference for Chris, though Ada still "needs" me most. I still end up at the bottom of a pile of kids on a regular basis, though.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god. These pictures make my heart explode from the sweetness.