Friday, June 11, 2010

365 - an introduction

I've been thinking about taking on a 365 photo challenge for... close to a year. It's a big commitment. I was scared.

Ever since I start the ABC Photography Challenge for Kids in the Capital I've been taking a lot more photos. And I've been getting some photos I'm really proud of.

I decided that a 365 project would really push me to improve my photos even more.

What the hell is a 365 photo challenge Lara??

I'm going to take a photo a day for a year. That's pretty much it. It can be of anything I want.

What if you miss a day?

There is nobody who cares if I take a photo from a different day or not, but *I* am hoping I can manage to take a photo every day. Even if it's just a photo of my toes from my iPhone.

As much as I want this to help me improve my photography skills by working on my composition, making me figure out cool and different things to do with my camera, etc, I also want it to be a record of a year of my life.

I'm definitely going to have to be creative some days though. Day 11 was taken at 10 last night because I hadn't taken a photo. I was tempted to use a photo from a different day, but that seemed like cheating.

So, short answer... if I miss a day, I'll make it up somehow. But I don't want to miss a day and I will be disappointed.

Where can I see these photos? I love your photos and don't want to miss a single one!

Awww... that's sweet! I am posting the photos daily on Flickr. I also will do regular recap posts here. By regular I mean every week in theory and whenever I get around to it in actuality.

Day 1
There are some cardinals who live somewhere in one of our trees. There is a cat who comes into our yard and PISSES THEM OFF! Then the cardinals go nuts and buzz around the backyard landing everywhere and telling off the cat. They're beautiful. And hilarious.
1:365 Angry Cardinal
Day 2
Cheeeese. As much as I try to avoid "cheese" face, I do think this photo somehow shows off a fun part of K.
Day 3
This boy poses for me so nicely regularly. Gorgeous boy, even with food in his eyebrows.
Day 4
This is a dress my mom picked up from a garage sale and although it isn't really my style I wanted to put it on her, so she wore it over to my in-laws' one day. It was cuter on her than I expected and this photo really doesn't even do it justice.
Day 5
We spend a lot of time in the swings. Quinn makes a lot of funny faces.
Day 6
Kiernan will happily sit and do crafts for long periods of time - and he amazes me. He's so good. I could have skipped him deciding to paint his face though ;)
6:365 A is for Art
Day 7
Mieka turned one!! And I love these cupcake toppers. You should have seen the cake pops too!
Day 8
J is for jumping. And these boys had fun helping me get this photo :)
8 : 365 J is for jumping
Day 9
This is our neighbour's garden. That's our long and weedy grass. I'm sure people love having us as a neighbour. Although, I noticed all the houses with young kids have longer and weedier grass than the people with no young kids, so I feel a bit better about that. And the lawn has been mowed since this was taken :)
9 : 365
Day 10
Having a snack at Mieka's birthday party. Actually, having Mieka's snack at Mieka's birthday party. This girl is a bottomless pit. It's a delightful change.
10: 365
Day 11
I love that I can go in and take a photo of Kiernan sleeping without risking waking him up. It's so peaceful. See that pig under his head? Eric and I won that at La Ronde when we first started dating and he has been using it as a pillow for years. It's so cheap I'm afraid to wash it, but it's also getting gross.

I'm looking for a stockpile of photo ideas to keep me inspired. Feel free to throw some out :)


Sara said...

It's not an idea but #5 is my favourite!!! Playing around with shutter speed is what I'm interested in right now. And shooting in manual. Takes about 50 shots to get 1 good one!

Some kind of Wondermom said...

You got some great photos. I love the variety. I'd love to see things like different perspectives in your life. What you see out your front door, a photo from your favourite place to relax in the house; the inside of your favourite mug; the back of your head when you wear that cool felt flower; your kids rings on your finger; you reading a book; the steam rising from a pot you're cooking on the stove.

Another idea - what about super close ups of things, and we have to try to guess what it is!

Keep up the challenge, I look forward to following. And if you could periodically post a direct link to the flickr group, I know I'd appreciate it!

angela auclair said...


i love this project with all my heart.
can't wait to follow your year:)).
it gets really long around day 226,lol, usually but so worth it in the end:))