Thursday, May 27, 2010


Officially, I have two cousins. But really, I don't have any cousins. I never even met one of them, and the other I met once, when I was six. So... none to speak of really.

My kids have three cousins. And they're really lucky, because all six of the kids were born in just over 5 years, so they're all really close in age. And they love each other. And I love to watch them.

Roanen and Kiernan are only 8 months apart in age and I think they may always be the closest. I can't wait to watch and see.


Julie said...

the cousins that we live closest to (2 hours away) are all teenagers. the other cousins are closer in age (4 and 2) but we wonly see them a couple of times a year. hence the huge importance of friends in our lives.

joven said...

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