Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mark's made me feel like a million bucks

I was lucky enough to be one of the people who knew that Mark's Work Wearhouse is more than just boots and uniforms and clothing for working outside. I've shopped there for myself a little (one of my FAVOURITE pairs of PJs is from there) and Eric has quite a bit of his clothing from there.

I like them enough that a month or two ago when I drove by two stores and their signs were coming down I was in a bit of a panic and ran to twitter to find out what was going on!! Fiouf - just a rebrand... their signs quickly went back up as Mark's.

Because really, Mark's Work Wearhouse really isn't the right name any more. Their store is full of fabulous and fashionable clothing for women and men, on top of their workhorse clothing.

And Mark's is all about innovations that are handy for everyone! Hello? Ironfree clothing - count us in! Salt resistant boots for Ottawa is pretty much genius, and so is their tmax insulation, because sadly we live in a city that often goes to very depressingly low temperatures. Also, shape retention and 100 wash clothing - fabulous! A few other cool things I didn't know they did - you can get an appointment with a personal shopper to come and help you pick out clothing FOR FREE! And you can have at home shopping parties where they bring the clothing to you, and like all at home parties, the hostess gets some extra goodies for themselves towards their own purchases.

They also have fun stations around the store to test out their clothing and... entertain the customers :)

Test out that footwear!

How well is that winter gear you're about to buy going to hold up to our winters?
Test it out (tip - do NOT got in in a tshirt. brr)

They invited a bunch of bloggers marksovers in one of the newly branded Ottawa stores and I was super excited to get to attend! What I didn't expect was that so much would fit me. As thrilled as I was to head to this makeover there was this part of me that was nervous - they didn't ask me what size I wear, can they accommodate someone in a size bigger than a 14 or 16? I knew I had PJs that fit, but stretchy pjs and pants are two completely different things. And I admit I haven't tried to find anything for myself since pre-pregnancy days at Mark's. They go up to 18-20 in the pants and XXL in many things (although I was pleased to find myself in XL and not XXL).

The experience itself was stellar. We got pampered - makeup, hair, personal stylist. And then a photoshoot - all making us feel like a million bucks. That was something this mama really needed! And I requested an outfit that was easy to care for, comfortable, but also something I could go out with (not just the yoga pant/tshirt combo). I love love my outfit down to the little heels that go with it.

Thank you so much Mark's for a great day and for making me realize you're a store I need to be shopping at more often!