Thursday, December 13, 2007

My little complex

In my life, I've had a lot of misfortune in the areas of my health. Not life or death health issues, but issues nonetheless. For example, the pink eye I had in Korea where my eye was so badly swollen I could barely see out of it and I had to go for antibiotics in the bum shots (because that seems to be the solution to all illness in Korea and I just had to keep my fingers crossed that they understood "I AM ALLERGIC TO PENICILLIN")

Then, there was the time that a ladybug bit me (about 6 years ago there was this weird infestation in Ottawa of a mutant ladybug from Asia that was supposed to be good for farming or something - they were brown instead of red with dots, but otherwise looked like a ladybug) and it gave me a strep infection in my finger. My finger swelled to twice it's size, then blistered and the skin all fell off and I had to see the doctor daily to make sure it wasn't turning into flesh eating disease. GAH!

Despite the fact that these things actually happen to me, I think that there are a number of people out there who think I'm a hypochondriac. Now, let me say, I do appreciate playing up a story to make it sound as dramatic as possible. But, generally, I don't think I have diseases I don't have. But I worry people think I'm a big faker.

All this is preamble to tell you a bit more about my saga of the tooth infection. Tuesday my face started swelling. I thought that seemed a bit unusual, but really, not that big a deal. by yesterday morning it was even more swollen so I thought "I'll just check with the dentist". I call and ask if it's normal for my face to be swollen and am told probably not and I should come in so the dentist "can drain things". :P

I went in and he drained an abscess (ew) and it hurt - a lot! For a long time! And he said it might get more swollen for a bit but then I'd feel better.

Today I woke up and was horrified at how swollen I was! We took a picture, but it couldn't really capture how swollen I am. And I thought about posting it here but I'm not sure I can bring myself to, but I have proof that this thing has been insane and will email it to people who ask ;) But I do feel better and think I can probably even go back to work tomorrow without falling on my face tired after being there for 10 minutes.

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4-ball said...

( hope you feel lots better tomorrow!
PS - 10 points to you for using a cool word like "preamble".