Thursday, December 06, 2007

Not so fun!

I've been horrible at blogging lately so this post comes a few weeks after it actually happened (I was shamed to see that I had only two sets of photos from the entire month of November - sigh)

The snow came really early this year and we got Kiernan all bundled up in his snowsuit and new boots to experience the snow. I'd heard all kinds of fun stories about kids being full of joy and wonder when they first experience snow so I was super excited! Out we went, we set him down, and realized... maybe we should have practiced with the new boots before we set him down in particularly tough terrain....

It never got any better after that...

the love of snow was going to have to come another day. And practicing with boots inside first seemed like a very good idea :)

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Crazy Working Mom said...

D'oh...MORE snow. I keep seeing it everywhere in the bloggosphere. NONE here in Arkansas, though.

Those photos were too cute!!!

Tisha @ Crazy Working Mom