Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Not like me

When I was pregnant, heck, before I was pregnant even, one of the running jokes that was going around was that Eric and I would have a baby who was really into sports, not into reading, and really tidy - in other words, nothing like us and we'd have no idea how to deal with him/her. We're still waiting to see on all these things (although K's crazy obsession with books leads me to believe the "not into reading" one is wrong :) but there's one I never thought of - not into eating.
Now me, I'm into eating. I LOVE to eat. Way too much unfortunately. Appetite has never been an issue for me and I don't get it. Who doesn't like to eat?! It's YUMMY!
But my boy - not an eater. And it's the most frustrating thing we've had to deal with with him yet I think.
He had another doctor's appointment yesterday and he's finally weighing in over 20lbs (YAY) but he's still at the 3rd percentile (boo) despite the fact that we're lacing his food/juice with protein powder and trying to feed him whenever he comes near us.
We still haven't managed to re-introduce dairy or soy (cheese! do you realize what the value of cheese would be??) but now we have a new plan. We are going to wean K off the prevacid he is still taking for the reflux. He's already down to half the amount he was on before he turned one so hopefully we can wean him off the rest. Apparently the acids we are repressing with the medication could be useful in the digestion of dairy so we need to get them back into operation. Also, apparently, too much acid prevention in general can cause allergies in children because their bodies never learn how to digest certain foods. (joy)
So keep your fingers crossed that the weaning of the prevacid goes well and that the introduction of dairy goes well.... cuz he'll like cheese right? and yogurt? everyone likes those. right? ;)


nutmeg said...

Be careful with this food issue. It can very easily become a control battle. Food, sleep, and bathroom business are the three big control issues in parenting. Interestingly, they are also three basic needs of life. I give my kids control over these three as much as I can within set-in-stone guidelines: Nutritious food must go in before junk, you need to be in your bed but you may sleep when you're ready, etc.

Finn is in the 5th percentile and not quite 20 pounds. I know how hard it is! my dr reminds me that his stomach is the size of the ring in the middle of a cup saucer. I know, assvice!

Nuzzy said...

My 3 year old is STILL not much of an eater on some days. When he was 1 year old it was the same.
If you figure it out i'd love to hear about it :) although in our case it is not medically or allergically related I don't think.
Then again his dad is a picky eater so maybe it isn't his fault? :)