Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Random stuff

- It is sad that Heath Ledger is dead.
- I continue to feel fat and continue to not do anything about that - I need to figure out how to change that.
- I suffer from seasonal affective disorder but I think the combination of using a golite, taking vitamin D supplements and getting outside into a bit of sun a bit more often may actually be making a difference.
- Kiernan cracks me up.
- I think we're going to buy a Mazda5. I'm super excited. Super DUPER excited.
- This weekend I'm going away for a girls' weekend.
- One day maybe enough people will read my blog that if I go away I will need to get people to do guest posts. Who wants to volunteer?
- Don't forget to enter the contest at Apples'n'Oranges for a fabricawakuwaku doll - they're super cute and each one is one of a kind.
- I ordered us all some SIGG bottles this week. They cost a fortune but I'm feeling really convinced by the "plastic is bad" stuff. I got them at Stork Baby Boutique - another mom-run baby store based out of Ottawa.

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Erin said...

I feel inspired.
- I love my job.
- Lately my job has been really stressful, but in that "I am important and people rely on me" kind of way, not the "I feel ineffectual and incompetent" kind of way.
- I didn't even know Heath Ledger is dead, and it IS sad.
- I'm going to credit Jason for the fact that I feel totally sexy and attractive, and people compliment me all the time on how great I look, how well I dress, etc.
- I love wearing necklaces now, and I used to HATE all jewellery.
- This weekend I am going away for girls' weekend too!
- We have decided not to get a new car, even when our current car loan is all paid off.