Saturday, January 05, 2008

When life doesn't go according to plan

Do you ever realize just how different your life is than you thought it was going to be? How different it all played out than the original dreams you made during sleepovers with your bff in high school?

If all had gone according to planned I'd have at least 2 kids by now and I'd have been married coming on 10 years. When I hit 25 and I was still single, that hit me hard... nothing was going according to plan!

As hard as I tried throughout the years the feeling that I was off schedule, or running out of time, never really went away. The longer it was taking me to find the man of my dreams, the longer it would be until I could have kids! PANIC!

I met Eric when I was 27 and it wasn't long until we had bought a house, gotten married and were planning for a new baby. And the deeper I got into the life I had always wanted, I realized just how well it had all panned out.

Despite the longing for what I didn't have, I got to do some awesome stuff! I travelled to the UK on my own, I lived in Korea and taught English, I went back to school when I finally figured out what I wanted to do with my life. I got to go out partying with friends, live with a great friend in a cool apartment, I started my career, I had the freedom to take risks I couldn't have taken with a family - life experience abounded.

When I finally got to here, I had years of wisdom and maturity that I feel have made a world of difference in making me feel comfortable as a wife and mother, not to mention I'm financially stable and don't have to worry about the cost of having a family. I'm glad it didn't work out the way I planned to be honest - old eggs and all ;)


Vicky said...

Isn't it so incredibly satisfying to have the best of both worlds? And I wouldn't say old eggs... I'd say mature ;)

Erin said...

If your eggs are old, mine are gonna be ancient by the time I have babies... Jason and I have agreed that it isn't in the cards for the next 3 years for sure, and after that... well, we'll play it by ear.

Jenny said...

Great post, Lara!

Lindsay said...

Damn. You beat me to the old eggs comment...;)