Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Bathroom renovations - part one

When we bought our house the one thing I knew we were going to update was the bathroom. Why? Here are some photos I took when we came for the home inspection...

I know you're thinking "WHAT??! That green countertop and floral motif in the shower are super retro chic and I would pay for someone to put that IN my bathroom" or not ;)

Then the kicker came when I was pregnant with K and was SO uncomfortable that I decided to take a bath to take some of the pressure off. This is a big deal because I'm not a bath person - the only reason I take a bath is if I think it will somehow take away pain (I've submerged myself more than once hoping it will take the pain of a headache away).

Anyhow, I decided to take a bath. I filled the tub, got in, and realized the bathwater pretty much covered only my body below the belly. Stupid shallow good for nothing bathtub!! (here is a photo after the renos started to give you an idea of how big the tub was. And why did they cover up perfectly acceptable white tile with that flower madness above??)

Last summer we had a new tub installed - complete with tiled walls, a soaker tub, and a curved curtain rod. It is lovely - if a little hard to photograph.

Isn't it pretty? And if I ever feel the need to take a bath again, I'll probably fit ;)

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'm very, very jealous!I