Monday, February 11, 2008

Things I didn't know about pregnancy or motherhood before I got pregnant.

There are a lot of things I didn't know about pregnancy or early motherhood before they happened to me - some of the things I really wished I had known. I feel like compiling a list so I'd love your feedback on things you didn't know and wish you had and we'll make one big long list.

Here is a start:

- Any line, no matter how faint, on a pregnancy (other than the control line ;) is a positive
- Your water doesn't just break and that's the end... you keep producing water, so until the whole deal is done, once the bag is broken, you keep on leaking!
- When you're in the hospital after a vaginal birth, the nurses keep coming in and asking to look at your bum - don't know if this would have been any less uncomfortable/annoying if I'd known ahead of time
- make sure the baby is facing towards you for the on the scale photo
- from my husband: when you head across the room to watch the baby being weighed, don't look back to see how your wife is doing, cuz there's likely to be lots of gore going on over there.

Any others? I'm sure more will come to me too.


Lida said...

The first time I realized babies don't know it's a weekend and don't sleep in - ever - was a shock

Marie-Helene said...

This is funny.

I didn't know number 2. I like this initiative. It's good for futre moms. :)

lindsay said... about the day you realize you have time to either shower OR poop before a small child is in need of you. And no, pooping in the shower was never a consideration :) TMI?
That first night in the hospital when I had to wake up to feed Josey and I realized that I was not going to get a full night's sleep for a very very long time was a shocker too.

nutmeg said...

Nursing pain lasts for three full weeks and then magically disappears.

You can say no to all that looking at the bum.

Best labor advice I got: curl yourself around your baby to push.

Jenny said...

to the motherhood part - what a challenge they can be, both physically and mentally.
(i want pull my hair out tonight)

JennyB said...

mmmm and for newborns - the smell of the top of their heads. and how sweet it is when they sleep on you.