Sunday, August 03, 2008

Maybe I just don't have enough money to do it right?

I can't believe it's already been 2-3 weeks since BFF and I can't believe I never did my wrap up post (sigh) about all the fabulous people I met and how much fun I had. But since I was there I've been thinking about writing a post about hotels.

Hotels are expensive. And trust me, since I started running my own business I really do understand how expensive it is to run a business. I no longer just think about the cost to me but try to be aware of all the costs to the business - it's way harder to make a profit out there than I ever would have imagined.

But that is not the point, the point here is, why is it, that the more you spend to stay in a hotel, the less you get?

Now if I think about it for more than 1 second, I can explain it to you from a business point of view, but as a consumer, it irritates the crap out of me.

I resent that when I spend $100/night (ish) to stay in a hotel I get a nice clean room and often also get free internet and free or discounted breakfast but when I stay at the Hilton I spend $550 for two nights (at the discounted rate) and internet is $10 for 24 hours, parking is $20, there is no included or discounted breakfast and my view looks like this:

The only thing that stood out as worth a lot of money was how comfortable the beds and pillows were - and for a hotel that is obviously important. But still. The housekeeping rated thumbs down, the hotel didn't manage to make sure wireless was available for our round table despite weeks of notice. Hilton, you did not impress me. And I expected to be impressed. And this happened when I stayed at the fancy hotel in Ottawa too - the Brook Street.

Maybe the problem is that I don't have enough money to enjoy an expensive hotel. If I didn't care about the cost I would have a nice room, I would pay for all the extras without worrying about the cost, I would spend $25 on breakfast and eat $5 worth without thinking anything of it, and then the Hilton would be the best place ever to stay.

Instead, I am impressed by the ragtag mesh of smaller hotels I've stayed in in the past and will feel I best spent my money by staying in a Days Inn, Best Western, etc

This hotel in Edson had free internet and a voucher for free breakfast at the restaurant next door. (see that truck, I got to drive it for 10 days, and I kinda still miss it).

We stayed at this hotel pre laptop so I don't know if they had internet, but they had a great included buffet breakfast.

And fancy decorations!

I'd rather stay in these places and save the extra money to go do the fun stuff (wretched photo, but such fun times had with Vicky and Urban mummy and daddy!)


Mamalooper said...

That hotel was the worst rip-off!

Hey, what's the hotel name in Edson? I actually have relatives there and a sister 30 minutes away.

Lara said...

I didn't think i'd be able to tell you because it was so long ago. But it was in my blog! :) Guest Inn and Suites

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. I'd rather pay $75-$125 a night - depending on season and day of the week ;) - than double that. My budget only allows for a maximum of $250 a day in expenses - for accomodations, food and entertainment - when I am on vacation and if the entirety is taken up by the cost of the room, then I'd be supremely disappointed. Not necessarily because the room isn't good enough, but because a vacation is no fun if you can't eat, visit tourist traps, and buy souvenirs.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I love Niagara Falls, and the next time I can afford to go away on a vacation, that's where I want to go. I'll be staying in a chain hotel/motel just off the main strip, so I can afford to hit all the attractions. Wax Museums, Fun Houses, Arcades, "ride the movie," I can't wait.

Beck said...

We stayed in a very, very nice, and very, very expensive hotel last summer and everything was GREAT - except for the ASTONISHINGLY subpar, z-grade toilet paper. Way to skimp, pricy hotel!
Thanks for entering my Kitchen Party giveaway!

Some kind of Wondermom said...

What you need to do is open a chain of hotels that offers all those freebies, AND has comfortable beds!

Anonymous said...

I wasn't impressed with the hotel either!! Yes the beds were comfy but price wise no thank you!!!

Urban Daddy said...

Funny post. Expensive hotel, warm in the roon, hot in the hall, crazy buffet price, odd parking arrangements and over-priced everything. At least we had fun hanging out with you guys the Sunday. I'll never forget the walking around to the Maid of the Mist and our little boy refusing to put on his rain poncho. Thanks for the memories. :)